Thursday, February 26

08:30    Registration

Morning session chair: Radek Schuster (RCTHS)

10:00    Radek Schuster (RCTHS)
Opening: The Vienna Circle in Pilsen

10:30    Friedrich Stadler (IVC)
IT: Vienna – Prague – Vienna: A Re-evaluation of the Intellectual Networks from Mach to the Vienna Circle

11:30    Coffee break

12:00    Jan Šebestík (Paris)
IT: How Philosophers in the Czech Lands Broke Ground for the Vienna Circle (Bolzano, Mach and Masaryk)

13:00    Lunch break (lunches are on your own)

Afternoon session chair: Stefanie Dach (RCTHS)

14:30    Michael Stöltzner (University of South Carolina/Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
IT: Fluctuations and Their Philosophy

15:30    Veronika Hofer (University of Bielefeld)
IT: Philipp Frank’s Networking in Prague with Philosophers, Physicists and Biologists

16:30    Coffee break

17:00    Jiří Langer (Charles University)
RT: The Vienna Circle and Space-time

17:45    Jakub Mácha and Jan Zouhar (Masaryk University)
RT: Arnošt Kolman’s Critique of Mathematical Fetishism

19:00     Conference dinner at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Friday, February 27

Morning session chair: Christoph Limbeck (IVC)

10:00    Jaroslav Peregrin (Czech Academy of Sciences/University of Hradec Králové)
IT: Carnap’s Inferentialism

11:00    Coffee break

11:30    Georg Schiemer (University of Vienna)
RT: Carnap’s Early Metatheory

12:15    Ondřej Beran (RCTHS)
RT: Husserl in Prague: Phenomenological Criticisms on Carnap & Co.

13:00    Lunch break (lunches are on your own)

Afternoon session chair: Tomáš Marvan (RCTHS)

14:30    Tomáš Hoskovec (Cercle linguistique de Prague/Masaryk University)
RT: The Wiener Kreis and The Cercle Linguistique de Prague: (k)eine Wahlverwandtschaft?

15:15    Marek Nagy and Michal Kříž (Palacký University Olomouc)
RT: Tensions and Paradoxes: The Relation Between the Prague Linguistic Circle and the Vienna Circle

16:00    Coffee break

16:30    Tomáš Hříbek (Czech Academy of Sciences)
RT: Minimum Dwellings: Otto Neurath and Karel Teige on Architecture

18:00    Guided tour of 2 Adolf Loos’s interiors (Klatovská 12, Bendova 10)

20:00    Informal social gathering in a typical Pilsner pub (Restaurant 12, Kopeckého sady 8)

Saturday, February 28

Morning session chair: Stefanie Dach (RCTHS)

10:00    Dieter Hoffmann (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
IT: Prague and the Emigration of German Scientists After 1933

11:00    Coffee break

11:15     Juraj Hvorecký  (Czech Academy of Sciences)
RT: Hrušovský on Social Sciences

12:00     Miloš Kratochvíl (RCTHS)
RT: Why Czech Positivism Did Not Become Logical

12:45    Closing ceremony

13:00    Have lunch and open up your Pilsen! (Brewery/Underground/Galleries/Museums)


IT: Invited talk – 45min, 15min discussion. RT: Regular talk – 30min, 15min discussion

International Conference, Pilsen, February 26-28, 2015